Discord and the Ponyville Players, anglická kniha

Séria: My Little Pony

od G. M. Berrow

5,88 € 5,59 €


Enjoy reading with all your My Little Pony friends!

Discord was once the King of Chaos until he started trying to be good. But when Princess Celestia sets him a secret challenge to perform in the Spring Musical, Discord finds he's not the only one who likes causing trouble!

Can Discord's pony friends help him find the true Magic of Friendship?

This magical My Little Pony adventure comes with bonus coloured activity pages, packed with puzzles, games and more fun!

Väzba: brožovaná (paperback), čierno-biele ilustrácie
Rozmery: 130 x 198 mm
Počet strán: 160
ISBN: 9781408338339
Vydavateľ: Orchard Books

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