Spider School, anglická kniha

Séria: Early Readers Blue

od Francesca Simon

6,10 € 5,79 €


Snakes and snails and spiders for dinner! Kate was having a bad day. Her first morning at her new school and already her clothes have gone missing, her best friend has disappeared, and her new teacher is a comic-reading gorilla. Something is very wrong' Francesca Simon brings every child's worst nightmare to life in this funny, original story brought to life with Tony Ross's inimitable illustrations.

Early Readers are stepping stones from picture books to reading books. A blue Early Reader is perfect for sharing and reading together. A red Early Reader is the next step on your reading journey.

Väzba: brožovaná (paperback), farebné ilustrácie
Rozmery: 128 x 198 mm
Počet strán: 64
ISBN: 9781444001457
Vydavateľ: ORION Publishing Co

Úroveň: 5 - 7

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