Potty Superstar, anglická kniha - leporelo

Séria: Toddler Triumphs

od Fiona Munro

8,96 € 8,51 €


Harry likes running and climbing and jumping - but he does not like his nappy! It's time to learn how to be a potty superstar.

Join Harry on his journey to becoming a potty superstar and learn all about potties, washing hands and accidents. Soon, you'll have a potty superstar of your own!

Toddler Triumphs will reassure, encourage and celebrate the successes (and sometime accidents!) of toddlers learning how to use the potty. Tabbed pages encourage toddlers to turn the pages themselves, and the funny text and bright art will have little ones coming back to the book over and over again.

Väzba: leporelo, farebné ilustrácie
Rozmery: 218 x 217 mm
Počet strán: 12
ISBN: 9781526381507
Vydavateľ: Hachette Children´s Books

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