The Most-Loved Bear, anglická kniha

od Sam McBratney

9,14 € 8,68 €


Growly Bear and Mary Rose are very best friends and do everything together. Until, one day, Growly Bear is left behind on a train. He's sure that Mary Rose will come back for him. However, as the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to months, Growly Bear's fur gets worn, his eye comes loose and his Growl starts to fade. Then, a child picks him up! But it isn't the child he was expecting...

A warm, nostalgic tale about the enduring love between a child and their very favourite teddy bear - the perfect story for families to share at Christmas.

Väzba: brožovaná (paperback), farebné ilustrácie
Rozmery: 224 x 281 mm
Počet strán: 32
ISBN: 9781509854301
Vydavateľ: Macmillan Children's Books

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