Topsy and Tim: Meet the Police, anglická kniha

Séria: Ladybird First Favourite Tales

od Jean Adamson

6,32 € 6,00 €


Topsy and Tim find fun and adventure in the real world. Their engaging stories are reassuring for young children having first experiences of their own. In this ebook edition of Topsy and Tim: Meet the Police, the twins' class is visited by two Police Officers, who explain to the children what their jobs involve. Topsy and Tim find out about stranger danger, learn about safe places to play, and even get to visit the police station themselves when they find somebody's belongings.

Topsy and Tim have all sorts of new experiences - just like you!

Find out what happens when Topsy and Tim and their class meet two police officers.

Väzba: pevná (hardback), farebné ilustrácie
Rozmery: 197 x 163 mm
Počet strán: 32
ISBN: 9781409308836
Vydavateľ: Ladybird Books

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